2001: A Song Odyssey

The 46th Eurovision Song Contest. Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, May 12th 2001
Your Hosts:
Natascha Crone Back and Soren Pilmark

It's all over now.
Estonia won it (first time ever), Denmark were runner-up (also first time ever) and Greece came third (first time ever too).
As for the others - you can see their
points/placing marked below, and clicking the flags will let you know how Whoops thought they'd do before the event.
As wildly off the mark as ever, I'm afraid - but you can read the review
here or go to the main menu.






Netherlands: 16/=18th


Iceland: 3/=22nd


Bosnia: 29/14th


Norway: 3/=22nd


Israel: 25/16th







Russia: 37/12th


Sweden: 100/5th


Lithuania: 35/13th


Latvia: 16/=18th


Croatia: 42/10th







Portugal: 18/17th


Ireland: 6/21st


Spain: 76/6th


France: 142/4th


Turkey: 41/11th







UK: 28/15th


Slovenia: 70/7th


Poland: 11/20th


Germany: 66/8th


Estonia: 198/1st




Malta: 48/9th


Greece: 147/3rd


Denmark: 177/2nd