Plagiarism scandals and Eurovision are so inextricably linked I'm surprised the EBU haven't considered re-naming the event the Plagiavision Song Contest.

However, with only so many keys on a piano, and even fewer chords on a guitar, it's not surprising the fruit from the tree of melody sometimes tastes the same, and this year's Austrian entry Say A Word performed by the not-particularly-Austrian-sounding Manuel Ortege has a hookline considered far too close to Free's Alright Now for comfort.

In such ground-breakingly important matters, Christin-Marchal donned her most sombre tartan jacket and played the song to some sort of committee, who I'm sure consider themselves Very Important about Musical Things, and Manuel has the all-clear for Tallinn.

The other plagiarism problem this year comes from the host entry Runaway, which does sound suspiciously like I Believe I Can Fly - but how the hell can you disqualify the nation who's putting all their Christmas party money into organising the whole shebang? It's all politics...

EUROREF SAYS: This is a rockingly repetitive number with a rubbish
draw. If I could think of another word beginning with 'r' which signalled
my disappointment at how undeservedly unfairly this song will fare, then
I'd use it. Then again, 'regret' is a good one.
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