Now here's a band who need to be heard - pray silence for Sergio and his lay-deez.

The Belgian final was another with several semis held beforehand, leading to a seven-song final in late February. The song that came through was indeed a surprise - everyone expected manufactured singing lovelies VandaVanda to be the Flemish representatives, or some woman called Kim Kay.

However, it's that bold lothario Serg-oh who'll be doing his best to smoulder for the televoters in Tallinn on the 25th. The song - a birruva OTT rock-type-thing - is described as 'crap' by fans, so if I could just mention Riva, Toto Cutugno and Tanel Padar and his Aruban chum to anyone who's interested?

Having said that, I still can't find anywhere to download the song from, so I'm unable to comment. Really, I am.

EUROREF SAYS: Well, if everyone thinks it's rubbish - we must be off
to Flanders next year.
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