The Dora is generally regarded as one of the biggest and best Eurovision pre-selection events, but having never seen one, I really can't tell you how right those generals are.

What I do know, is that Dora 2002 was considered a foregone conclusion from the minute the last song on the shortlist had been played, that conclusion being Vesna Pisarovic would walk it.

She did.

Performed as Sasvim Sigurna in the Croatian selection, but going out in English on May 25 as Totally Sure, Vesna is another of those next-Britney-Spears contenders which we've seen in the past with Alsou and Ines.

I really don't think I could have sat through all 20 national final songs, especially after hearing the reviews, but Catherine Baker (as usual) is the woman to consult on Cro-pop, and her full review can be found at and no doubt doing it far more justice than I am here.

After last year's brill Strings of My Heart from Vanna, Croatia are staying uptempo, but the only download I've heard cuts off halfway through. It does sound very gutsy, but how this will translate from a singer being forced to perform in a non-native tongue with just ten weeks preparation remains to be seen. Hmm, not many jokes in that one, were there?

EUROREF SAYS: Croatia have loads of pals in this year's show, so
we'll see if they can help sort out any potential relegation disasters.
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