RUNAWAY performed by SAHLENE

They only went and had the Eurolaul in Estonia at the end of January, meaning Sahlene is the (Swedish) hopeful for some Tallinn-ian fingertips remaining tightly round the ESC trophy for a further twelve months.

The song is called Runaway, and is written by the team behind Ines's popular Once in a Lifetime in 2000. The similarities are striking, but as with most host entries, it can always rely on a piggy back into the first ten placings come the big night.

Any similarities the chorus bears to R Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly has now been well and truly exonerated by an official EBU plagiarism committee (what past experience do you have to have to get on that?) and a remix is on the way to kick some life into this one as well. The only reason people have fallen out of favour with it is the earliness with which it was chosen, but it'll still do well.

EUROREF SAYS: Estonia always do well, and this will have a big cheer behind it despite its blandness (although it's several leagues better than Everybody). I have consulted the linesmen, and I'm marking them down as top five.
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