Picture the scene. It's the day of the German final, and right here in rainy Wirral, an envelope plops onto my desk in work containing none other than the autograph of the sainted Joy Fleming, courtesy of the very kind Jan Knauer (thanks, Jan). All Mr Knauer requested for his efforts in obtaining that autograph was that I vote for Joy if her name-checking gospel anthem Joy to the World made it through that evening's German final.

Well, I would have done just that if German music industry mafiosa Ralph Seagull hadn't got together with 'my, I look just like the lesbian doctor on crutches from ER' Corinna May to beat Ms Fleming into second place in that final.

Yah-boo. Anyrode up, 'tis indeed Corinna who is heading for the Estonian capital on May 25 with the so-camp-you-need-pegs-to-hold-it-up I Can't Live Without Music (presumably, moreso than bread, water and oxygen) which, although instantly recognisable as more fodder from the Siegel sausage machine, could very easily finish in the Top 5 in Tallinn.

Have to admit, it is a cracking piece of fun - and I have heard that Joy's song was quite, well, shit. Never mind.

EUROREF SAYS: I just said up there didn't I? Almost definitely Top 5.
Now sit back on the bench and stop being so impatient, you'll get
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