If only they'd had the balls to pick the one called It Looks Like a Cinema, but no, the Greeks have plumped for something whose title translates directly as 'I Love You' instead. Psschaw!

Och well, it was their choice in their end, so let's get down to business.

Must confess to not actually having heard this one at time of writing (hey, I don't intend spending all of national final season downloading songs and things - one has a life, you know...) but the general concensus of fans in the fan world (a place popular with fans) ranges from "...it sounds like early Depeche Mode," to "...it's rubbish."

It would be fraudulent of myself to extrapolate on such controversial statements, but I think they mean it's a bit of a mid-tempo one.

EUROREF SAYS: Erm... wait until I've heard it.
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