Considering their presence wasn't confirmed until last summer, Israel have done a sterling job in being the first country to pick their song for 2002.

Sarit Hadad is the current nation's darling, and has, allegedly, been trying to claw her way into Eurovision for years, saying that the chance of finally representing her nation "...is a dream come true".

The IBA chose Let's Light a Candle from a shortlist of four, although Sarit's own favourite was reportedly second-placed Mr DJ Superman.

Both songs were co-written by Tzvika Pik, who also co-wrote Diva for Dana International.

There have been a few problems for the extremely devout Sarit worrying about attending the Friday dress rehearsals and Saturday final - falling on the Jewish sabbath - but she is currently in consultation with her rabbi, and I'm sure he'll be extremely nice to her.

EUROREF SAYS: Interesting year for an Israeli entry due to the troubles afoot
in the real world, so this blatant peace message may go arse over tit for
sounding extremely contrived, or win by a mile.
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