I WANNA... performed by MARIJA NAUMOVA

Hey-ho, this could be the winner, and wouldn't that upset the Europigeons?

Latvia, allowed in at the last moment when Portugal decided not to bother entering, went on to get a cushy draw and have whipped up some lite-Latino froth to accompany it.

Marija Naumova will perform I Wanna... in Tallinn, and having watched my Mum effortlessly pick the winner each year, I just know this will be the song which makes her say: "Ooh, what's this one, I quite like the sound of it..?"

There are some obvious things to point out; firstly, Marija pronounces the first vowel in 'winner' to make it sound like an American kindergarten term for the one-eyed trouser snake. Secondly, Marija very kindly shares with us that she is 'sweating with emotion'. How nice for her.

Otherwise, this is scrumptious fun, complete with tongue-in-cheek Latin guitar strumming and the occasional "Aye-aye-aye!!" to keep it all bobbing along nicely. The fans hate it, but with Lithuania now losing the advantage of having a spot-on contender performing from the last position, Marija could take the Katrina and the Waves draw and do whatever she wanna with it.

EUROREF SAYS: This, along with Malta, are the Whoops, Dragovic tips
for 2002 success.
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