HAPPY YOU performed by AIVARAS

They've made-d their mind...up! After the disqualification of the Pet Shop Boys-esque We All, Aivaras, runner-up in this year's Lithuanian final, will now go to Tallinn on May 25 to represent his nation. That's kind of him.

Although B'avarija, the group who were unceremoniously chucked out of the show for being very naughty indeed and putting an old song in (ooh, what mischief!) appealed to the EBU, there is absolutely no way the rules can accommodate this sort of thing (it's serious stuff you know, stop laughing at the back).

The news really buggers up things, as I haven't had time to download a version of Happy You, the new Lithuanian entry, but I'm sure I will soon. However, the book opens now on how long it takes Terry to call Aivaras 'windswept and interesting'.

EUROREF SAYS: Ain't heard it yet, but people are saying good things.
It won't come 25th, that's for sure.
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