Those still recovering from XXL's 'performance' of 100% Ljubam in Stockholm on May 13, 2000 can come out from behind the couch now - the Fyromaniacs are sending a proper-real performer to Tallinn.

And by golly, this song isn't as bleak as the phrase 'a mid-tempo ballad from the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia' might suggest. Od nas Zavisi is the type of song Natalie Imbruglia would put on her 'umm and aah' pile and ultimately not record, but one self-obsessed ex-soap actress's loss is definitely the televoter's gain.

And if you don't want to take my word for it, it's Cro-popster Catherine Baker's favourite Eurovision entry for some time. Considering her favourite songs rank Sveta Ljubav and Neka Mi Ne Svane among them, that Karolina girl might cut the mustard on May 25.

EUROREF SAYS: Macedonia remain the only debutantes not to
come up with a shockingly well-placed entry, and this could be the
one. Just think of Doctor Dino's eventual placing in Jerusalem.
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