Whilst we were still waiting for Spain and Croatia to pick their song, the Russians announced their amabassador for the Saku Suurhall. This is very unusual - TV Moscow usually wait until Indiana Jones pulls his hat through the gap left by the closing date before saying anything.

Anyway, the boyband Premier Ministr (that's 'Prime Minister' to those of you living in Commonwealth countries) won the Russian internal selection egg-sta-remely easily (by all accounts) with the N-Syncish Northern Girl.

It's all very studio-tastic on the download, and the lack of an orchestra in these modern 21st century times means the lads will just have to make sure they can all sing live through hosepipes and things to make it sound like the record.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if they all came on in bacofoil and baseball vests - really, I wouldn't.

EUROREF SAYS: These Russians have been coming up
through the ranks and could surprise us. I'll be keeping a close
eye on this squad to make sure there are no touchline antics.
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