ONLY LOVE performed by SESTRE

This year's official 'bit that might get a mention in the British tabloids' is well and truly sorted - Slovenia are sending an unholy transvestite trinity.

Sestre (meaning 'Sister') won the 2002 EMA twice - now there's something to get a Eurosttatto's knickers in a twist - as there was a wee controversy followwing the very close initial result that perhaps the song which came second should have won, leaving Slovene TV execs seriously considering a remount of the voting.

However, Sestre are still safely on their way to Tallinn, already established as a fan favourite. The song isn't particularly special (certainly no Energy), but the novelty aspect of it, and the fact it's a song about the loneliness of a gay man who finally emerges from the closet has (not surprisingly) won it major support.

This type of thing either sinks or swims.

EUROREF SAYS: I still don't know which changing room they'll be coming out of,
but Sestre will no doubt be the talking point of this year's contest - which certainly
won't hinder their attraction to voters.
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