The process to find the singer and the song for Spain seems to have lasted longer than the miner's strike, but the last song of the line-up to be chosen earned its spurs during the finale of frankly the biggest TV phenomena Spain has ever witnessed.

But that's enough about Rosa's waistline. Operacion Triunfio (or 'Operation Triumph') was similar to Pop Idol, each week a singing hopeful was booted out until three people were left to battle it out for the right to represent Spain. A list of nine songs was then equally chipped away at, until TVE finally arrived with Rosa and her very amusing pronunciation of the word 'Europe'.

The most uptempo Spanish entry for years (I'm sorry, but I'll have to mention the pronunciation again, she sort-of sings it "Yoor-ups livvina sella-bray-shun...") one clever Spanish songwriter has been listening to the charts of other European countries instead of Flamenco FM when trying to find the right formula, but it's just a pity they did so during the syntax and grammar section of their English As a Foreign Language class.

Due to the mammoth exercise which went into matching the right song with the right singer, the fans have gone moistly-underweared over this one, and one can't argue it's a pity the Beeb can't do more than a rushed forty minutes in the Sunday afternoon God slot, but is the story behind Rosa's arrival on the Suurhall stage going to impress your average televoter?

EUROREF SAYS: Top marks to the Spaniards for their level of pre-season
training, and now that Rosa is the only singer left in the music academy, it's
time to put some work in on the song - and perhaps change the title to
read just Celebration? We say Top 10.
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