Presumably written by the Swiss equivalents of Charlie Dimmock and that Irish bloke off Home Front, the alpine entry for 2002 is Dans Le Jardin, which roughly translates as 'In the Garden'.

All we can hope is that the lyricists do not live in a Geneva council estate, other wise the entire three minutes will be chock-ful of references to discarded toblerone wrappers, bits of old alpenhorn, used condoms, and the fragments of Peter's dentures when he, Sue and Marc have their regular Saturday night fight after being chucked out of the pub.

Francine Jordi, however, is yet another Celine clone. I'm sure there's an EBU-sanctioned farm producing a select herd of these in readiness for each year's national final season.

Actually, we do know that the song is a standard ballad which no-one has given much hope to. Lausanne next year, then.

EUROREF SAYS: I had a dream the other night this song won and Jessica Garlick
only scored one point, but since my name isn't Cassandra I'm not worrying. Yet.
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