A very small line-up of songs in this year's Turkish final (but still more than the UK) - funny how the fans never point that one out in a big tizz though, innit?

Although given the initial cold shoulder, the eventual entry Leylaklar Doldu Kalbmide (it's about lilacs, trust me) from Grup Safir is now gaining more popularity than previous Turkish tries. Judging by the picture, they look either sprightly or just plain annoying.

This remains one of the few songs of this year's line-up I have yet to hear, I don't like to have all my sweets in one go, it's much better to spread them out over a period of time, don't you think? Otherwise I would have given my usual guarded opinion, considering that Turkey is my least favourite ESC country, I'm not holding my breath, but who knows, this year could be different.

EUROREF SAYS: They have more chance of winning Eurovision than Galatasaray do,
but that's about all I can say at the moment.
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