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"Weil Der Mensch Zahlt" performed by Alf Poier

Before the chances of the eight unholy trinities (plus two) which make up the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest progresses any further, I must say there will be more variety and good quality songs present in Riga than there has been for some time.

An example of this variety is the Austrian entry. Although dismissed by many as a comedy song in the Guildo Horn mould Weil Der Mensch Zalt isn't actually that bad and has a lot more going for it than a desperate need to shake cowbells about and shed an aquamarine cape.

Beginning with a simple riff over which Alf speaks (in German, and my GCSEs were 10 years ago, so I can't translate) this develops into a childlike chanted chorus and then swaps the musical styles round like a 15-year-old girl trying on outfits for a first date.

It's a cheeky gem, but I can't see it doing very well. However, I do think the detractors have a bit of a cheek decrying this when any old piece of disposable schlager pop can be hailed as the best ESC entrant since the last piece of disposable schlager pop.