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"Ne Brini" performed by Mija Martina

A lesser-known member of The Fast Show team will be very smug upon hearing the Bosnian entry on May 24, as the lyrics to the chorus in possibly the most frenetic ESC song ever read "Melamine! Melamine! Simon Day!"

There is probably a very good reason why the songwriter also incorporated a chant about a type of plastic in there as well, but I'm not going to scratch my head too much trying to work that one out.

All that besides, this is actually a very good song (likened to Tom Jones' Sex Bomb by some, but I can't make the connection) and has the capability to do very well.

Since the Italian representative of 1977 and 1992 with almost the same name is sadly no longer with us, we can safely say this is not the same chanteuse with razor blades for vocal chords who fired us up with Libera and bored us silly with Rapsodia, but if Mija has the same sort of lungs on her, keep an eye on the scoreboard for this one.