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"Open Your Heart" performed by Birgitta Haukdal

The top and tail of the 48th Eurovision Song Contest were chosen on the same night (February 15) and they're ever so boppy in both their own ways. If that makes sense.

And since we're hinting at cheesy: Slovenia have gone more for the Dairylea Slice, whilst the Icelandics have selected the type of Stilton one should only really enjoy with the finest glass of port.

Now the English version has been recorded and released, Birgitta's chances of being the Teach-In, Brotherhood of Man or Herreys for the Millennium (ie. winning from the first slot in the draw) have reportedly improved ten-fold, despite the fact she isn't a group. She'll also be glad the song no longer faces plagiarism charges for ripping off the Richard Marx single Right Here Waiting as the melody has been slightly re-jigged especially for Latvia. Cue Madonna claiming sole rights on the song title.