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"Every Way That I Can" performed by Sertab Erener

Pass me my fedora and some condiments, for I am about to eat my hat. I *love* this year's Turkish entry.

Always the country whose entry never manages to ignite my interest (but Dinle was OK), the Turks have taken advantage of middle Eastern riffs being slightly in vogue and unleashed a stonker of a tune for Riga.

Imagine Kiss Kiss and the theme tune from V Graham Norton and you get the idea of where we're heading with Every Way That I Can. It's certainly a lot sassier than the song about lilacs from last year and you can even picture Holly Vallance not wearing very much to dance to it.

My only criticism is that it's too short at just 2 mins 35 secs, couldn't they have squeezed another 25 seconds of fabness in?

Blimey, I feel such a hypocrite.