Transliterations of Dutch Eurovision entries. Includes the version of Vrede which has developed a life of its own beyond this website.
Which was the best Eurovision song to score zero? This section endeavoured to find exactly that for a number of years.
Daft Eurovision-themed party games. Includes Juropoly and print-your-own set of Top Trumps.
News in the run-up to all the Finnish fun.
Viva La Riga. And click here for the diary of my only trip to Eurovision. Ever (Tim Moore, who wrote Nul Points, did).
Footie-themed previews and post-match reaction.
You can tell this was six years ago - amateurish previews and review of Eurovision XXXXVI, but it does include an interview with ASFE runner-up Tony Moore.


Run by my smashing pal Catherine Baker, who knows loads about Croatian finals, mysterious redheads and raven haired beauties.
Bits and bobs of Eurovision-y stuff, and the messageboard which manages to find six different ways a week of voting on old songs.
Semi-official site which is a lot more serious than the old tat you'll find on here.
Irish-biased site from Keith Mills, whom we're sure doesn't hate the UK as much as AKOE implies.
Two lads from Birmingham and their continuing adventures in overly melodic Scandinavian pop.
A rather smashing site with its tongue in the same part of its cheek that Dot's is.