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(Q): from Qele, Qele to Quinn

KEY: Winner Runner-up Third-place Top 5 Debut Entry Host Entry Last Place Nul Points

QELE, QELE (song) Armenia entry, Belgrade 2008: 4th place (199 pts)
A flagrant disregard for the rules of written language, the Armenians don't seem to put a 'u' after their 'q', but never mind.

This unremarkable little number was tipped to do well right from the start. That's probably got a lot to do with the fact that Armenia has a lot of friendly neighbours and a migrant populous scattered throughout them and beyond.

But never mind all that. Dark haired lovely Sirusho took this to the top four, the best showing for Cher's motherland since its 2006 debut.

This near victory prompted two British TV presenters, whose best days were behind them, to move to Armenia and seek their revived fortunes.

The TV hit of the 2008 autumn/winter season was, of course, their version of Game For a Laugh, hosted by Henry Qele and Matthew Qele. It's a hoot.

QUAND TU REVIENDRAS (song) Belgian entry, London 1968: =7th place (8 pts)
This was sung by Claude Lombard for Belgium in 1968, a lady with incredibly long hair indeed who hired Cliff Richard and Massiel to iron it an hour before the contest started.

Claude's hair is so long, it was in fact impossible for Mr Richard and the eventual winner to finish ironing it as it trailed far beyond the environs of the Royal Albert Hall.

It did in fact stretch all the way back to Brussels and local TV saved a fortune on air fare when it was time for their singer to return by just pulling on Claude's hair really hard.

QUE VOY HACER SIN TI(song) Spanish entry, Birmingham 1998: 16th place (21 pts)
Praise be for Mikel Herzog (isn't he the one who used to play for Southampton and now presents that footie programme with Gabby Yorrath?), or the 'Q' section of this enyclopaedia would be a tad tiny.

The fourth performer on the Birmingham stage wore a frock coat a bit like Willy Wonka's, and he looked like the Dad from any American 'kid's sit-com' you care to mention.

The song, well, it began with 'Q', so that's all I can think of to recommend it at the moment. It had some verses, and a chorus too. Someone help me out here, please...

QUE MANEJA MI BARCA(song) Spanish entry, Munich 1983: =19th/last place (0 pts)
Wearing absolutely no footwear at all brought Sandie Shaw Eurovision victory in 1967, but 16 years later, it brought Spaniard Remedios Amaya absolutely no points at all.

The song Que Maneja Mi Barca is certainly full of energy, surprisingly so since it's subject matter is a boat, and the Flamenco-centric Remedios certainly gut the full vent of the Munich crowd's appreciation when she'd stopped singing, but clearly not the juries.

Still, that was a lovely blue, lilac and white striped baggy dress she was wearing - very handy to hide the odd nicked ashhhtray from the Green Room in a fit of protest against the result - or to smother two-thirds of Sweet Dreams with.

QUESTA NOTTE (song) Latvian entry, Helsinki 2007: 16th place (54 pts)
Heartless thieves robbed's suit trousers from the baggage carousel at Helsinki Airport. How mean.

This meant that the mish-mash of operatic blokes had to go out on stage looking rather skanky with their denim-and-top-hats combos, but thankfully they had a rather good song to distract from the clothes.

Questa Notte was, of course, the first Eurovision song in Italian since 1997 (I think) and those of you who speak the language need no reminder that the lyrics translate into English as 'Italian Telly Thinks Eurovision is Rubbish and is Never Coming Back'.

It brings a tear to the eye, really, it does.

QUINN (undercover singer) Irish entry, Oslo 1996: WINNER (162 pts)
Special Agent Quinn (Eimear) was despatched by RTE in May 1996 to bring home the entire Irish Music Industry Reserve Team, imprisoned in Oslo's Spektrum Centre since late spring '95.

Her mission was an entirely successful one, albeit quite dreary viewing.
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