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(X): from Xandee to XXX
KEY: Winner Runner-up Third-place Top 5 Debut Entry Host Entry Last Place Nul Points

XANDEE (singer) Belgian entry, Istanbul 2004: 22nd place (7 pts)
At last! A performer beginning with 'X'! Hurrah!

Who cares if she finished close to the bottom of the pile and her tit fell out. She begins with 'X'!.

XANDRA (band) Dutch entry, Jerusalem 1979: 12th place (51 pts)
In 1979, Sandra Reemer spelt her name wrong on the Eurovision entry form, but her song (about her favourite part of Europe) was so good, that the judges overlooked her error and allowed her to perform anyway. This was on the proviso that part of her stage outfit was sold as advertising space for the new neon safety patches designed so that cyclists be seen at night.

Sales of said patches went up by 500% and Sandra was rewarded with twelfth place and a night of passion with Izhar Cohen.

Such is the all-embracing unity behind the very raison d'etre of the Eurovision Song Contest, you will never see any national prejudices or politics invade the voting sequence whatsoever.
Note: The person who wrote that last entry is currently undergoing intense therapy for delusion.

XXL (band) Macedonian entry, Stockholm 2000: 15th place (29 pts)
Definitely not a reference to their dress size, or their percentage of the vote, XXL hit the good folk of Europe with a suspiciouly spicy sounding song in 2000, utilising all the skills they had picked up at the Skopje branch of the Samantha Janus School of Singing in Key and Melody.

The single is cheeky enough, but, ouch! stick to the recording studio girls. They loff us von hundert per cent, yes they do.

(thanks to Catherine Baker for that last bit...).

XXX (rudeness)
There have been many moments in ESC history which were far too rude for the average viewer to be subjected to: those two Danes playing tonsil hockey in 1957, the near glimpses of Gina G's private golf course, and Linda Waggenmaker's jiggling jubblies are just three.

However, none have turned viewers to switch off with more disgust than the explicitly graphic arse-licking which went on during the voting in 1994.

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